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Our standard trip is for five days from Esna to Aswan, stopping at many ancient temples and attractions, however the timetable can be revised to accommodate 3 – 7 nights. Bespoke tours can also be arranged.



Day1:       Arrive in Esna: Sail to the beautiful and ancient city of Nekheb, now called El Kab which is situated across the Nile from the city of Nekhen (Herakonpolis), and was the site of temples to Thoth and Nebket. The city has been dated back to predynastic times.
Day2:        Sail to Edfu: The Temple of Edfu is very dramatic. It is dedicated to Horus and was built in Greco Roman times. Horus was the god of the sky whose eyes were the sun and the moon. He became equated with the king, and therefore the King was Horus manifest.

In the evening we will have a barbecue on the beach of the beautiful Island of Fawaza where you can relax, enjoy the memories of the day and watch the fabulous Egyptian sun set.

Day3:         Sail to Gebel el-Silsila or Gebel Silsileh which was a very famous quarrying area throughout all of ancient Egypt due to the quality of the building stone quarried here. The site is a rich archaeological area having temples cut directly on the hills. Examples include the rock temple of Horemheb on the west bank. Many of the monuments here bear inscriptions of Merenptah, Ramesses 2nd, Hatshepsut, Amenhotep 2nd and Ramesses 3rd

Our Dahebieh will sail right to the foot of this majestic mountain where we will have the peaceful luxury of being the only boat to be docked in this area. We will visit the Temple of Horemheb and in the evening we will have a wonderful barbecue inside the Temple, a once in a lifetime experience.

Day4:         Sail to Kom Ombo The Town of Kom Ombo is the ancient site of Ombos, which is from the ancient Egyptian word ‘nubt’, which means ‘City of Gold’.
We will visit the Temple of Kom Ombo. The Temple known as Kom Ombo is actually two temples consisting of a Temple to Sobek and a Temple of Haroeris
You can take a walk around the town and visit the local markets

       Sail to Aswan Visit the world famous High Dam which was an engineering miracle when it was built in the 1960s. It contains 18 times the material used in the Great Pyramid of Cheops.

We will visit the amazing Temple of Isis at Philae. This monument is possibly best known for the international effort which moved it in it’s entirety to the island when it’s original location was threatened by the change in water level caused by the High Dam.
We will visit the Unfinished Obelisk the stone weighing over 2.3 million pounds would have been the world’s largest piece of stone in the world. But as a crack developed in the stone it was abandoned. If the granite would not have developed a crack then it would have been the biggest obelisk with 40 meters height.